Mom's are the best. They're patient, kind, gracious, and compassionate. They pick up dirty socks from the floor, they pack sack lunches with little notes on paper napkins, they listen, they give wisdom, they teach us to work hard and finish well. 

We are especially grateful for our mama. She's one of the most creative, detailed, graceful people I know and without her knack for color palettes and floral arranging, we wouldn't be where we are now. 

With Mother's day comes flowers. May is all about peonies and garden roses so get to your local flower shop and get some before they're gone!

Here's some tips on how to improve the shelf life of your flowers:

1. Once you get your flowers, fill a vase with warm to room temperature water and add plant food. Warm water helps the flowers absorb water more quickly and plant food will give your flowers some nutrients. 

2. Cut stems at least 1 inch at a 45 degree angle with floral sheers or a sharp knife. A bad cut could clog the stem and make it harder to hydrate your flowers

3. Change the water every 2-3 days. Each time you change the water, you'll need to recut the stems.

And bada bing, there you have it. These easy steps will keep your Mothers day flowers looking pretty for longer.