I'm just going to say it. I love craft cocktails. Two summers ago, I got hired as a cocktail waitress at a private club in downtown Seattle. My liquor knowledge was slim to none, but being surrounded by lawyers and CEOs who love their afternoon martinis is a quick way to pick up the lingo. Any who, I came to appreciate the art of cocktailing- from the local spirits, to house infused simple syrups, to freshly muddles herbs. Cocktailing adds a sophisticated and personal touch to hosting. Think about when you go to someone's house for dinner: "Hello, how are you? Can I take your coat? Can I get you a drink?"-It's just a nice way to welcome your guests and make them feel at rest. Even at weddings, it's becoming a popular custom to provide a custom craft cocktail with your bar. 

One of my favorite cocktails this season is Blueberry Tea. Despite it's name, the warm tea based cocktail has nothing to do with blueberries. Instead it's a mix of earl gray tea, ameretto, and orange liquor lending to a fruity taste reminiscent of blueberries. For my cocktail, I substituted Tazo Passion Tea for the earl gray.  I think any variation of black tea would be yummy. 

Drink Components

1 oz amoretto almond liquor 

1 oz orange liquor (Grand Marnier or or Cointreau) 

4 oz of steeped passion tea

1 orange twist