We are so excited to announce the official launch of our business: juliet + lou. We offer partial and full service event planning and design out of the Seattle metropolitan area. This business was created out of a shared love of hosting, party planning, and pretty colors. 

Here's the skinny. Before we became business partners, we were sisters, running partners, lunch buddies, best friends (awe..) and coincidentally neighbors.  After years of having our friends and family ask us to help them out with birthday parties, bridal showers, wedding coordination, etc, etc, we thought to ourselves, "Hmm, maybe we should join forces". And so that's how juliet+lou came to be. 

I'll be the first to say that I never thought we'd be business owners. Until recently Elsa was working for a foster care agency as a visitation supervisor and I was working as a freelance writer. But with our combined interests of styling, food and beverage, family, and weddings, the idea of dipping our toes into event planning became more and more appealing.  There's always been one thing that gets us both jazzed and that's bringing people together for a good time. 

Our vision at juliet+lou is to create beautiful events and to celebrate people.  That mean's life's a big fancy dinner party, you're the guest of honor, and our job as your hostess is to make sure that the silver is polished, the water glasses are full, and the people are happy. 

Welcome 2015, let's get the party going.